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Price Guide of Services

Caliber & Bore Gunsmithing Price guide 2017

Shotgun Repairs
Gunsmith inspection report: from £30
Top lever spring: from £50
Main spring replacement: from £60 each.
Ejector spring replacement (coil spring): from £60 each.
Striker / firing pin replacement: from £60 each.
Adjust trigger pull, both sides: From £60
Replace ejector leg: From £150 each.
Dent raising and lapping Bore from £60
Re-solder fore-end catch from £40
Re-solder rib from £90
Gun Fitting service with 1 x adjustment (not inc pads) £60
Fitting butt pads from £40 plus pad
Stock alterations: cast on/off from £40, raise comb from £100
Bead sight alterations from £20 plus bead
Traditional hot bluing, produces a superb functional and cosmetic finish, from £100
Caustic Hot blue, from £200
Cold blue rust protection from £50 (functional but not cosmetic)
Short Service, action, stock and barrels cleaned (non strip down) from £60
Full Service, strip down of action, clean & lube, barrels & stock: From £120
Prepare and submit to proof house: from £160
To deactivate and submit to proof house: from £190

Air weapons
Air rifle/pistol seal and spring replacement: springer, from £70
Air rifle / pistol seal kit replacement: Gas Ram, PCP & CO2 from £120

Thread cutting Rifle Barrel for moderator, with re-proofing from £190
Bore rear bushes for reflex sound moderator from £20 (free with screw-cut)
Shortening and re-crowning rifle barrels from £60
Barrel refurbishment (Set mod seat, threads & crown) £70
Trigger alterations: bolt action, from £40
Trigger alterations: Semi auto, from £100
Pillar & Bed Rifle Gun-stock from £75
NB this guide assumes parts are readily available “off the peg” from gun manufacturers.
making parts from scratch is much more costly. Revised March 2017


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