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Gun Servicing

A Standard Shotgun or Rifle Service to any type of gun is simply a really good clean, lubrication, and grease, during the cleaning, simple function checks are made to ensure firing pins, ejectors, barrel selection, hammers and safety are functioning as they should.

RimFire & Full Bore Rifles

Thread cutting Rifle Barrel for moderator, Bore rear bushes for reflex sound moderator, Shortening and re-crowning rifle barrels, Trigger alterations.

Performance Tuning for Air Rifles and Air pistols
We treat all guns the same, and give as much attention and care to air weapons as to any other firearm.
The only difference is that the power of Air weapons is required by law to to be limited to 12 Ft/lbs for Rifles and 6 ft/lbs for pistols. This creates the challenge of making them as efficient as the Law allows. All Air rifles and pistols can be tuned, but the value of the cheaper or vintage air guns dictates the cost effectiveness of tuning your air gun

Air Guns and The Law
Over powered air rifles are illegal without a holding a relevant Firearms certificate for the gun, issued by the firearms department of your local police force.
Over powered air pistols are illegal for anyone other than Military, Police, or section 5 certified personnel, as they become section 5 firearms under UK Law, and possession can result in 5 years in prison.



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