Gun Deactivation

Devon Gunsmith is a Registered Firearms Dealer. We can deactivate your gun and pass it to The Proof House for certification

Gun Deactivation must be carried out by a gunsmith holding a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) certificate. The deactivated gun must then be submitted to one of two Proof Houses (London or Birmingham) to check that is has been correctly deactivated to UK specifications.

Your gun will be removed from the ledger of certified guns, issued with a deactivation certificate – evidential proof that the gun is no longer registered as a firearm – and will be legal for anyone to own.

Deactivate gun and submit to The Proof House
As well as slotting & plugging barrels, removing breech face, removing & welding strikers, (UK 2010 regs)
The European Union (2015/2403) added extra measures: includes welding the gun into one piece, destroying the action and welding all parts together. Proof house certification require a double submission now, which doubles the cost
From £450