Gun Repairs

For your convenience, we offer a Same Day or While You Wait service, this is particularly beneficial if you have travelled a long way for your appointment.

Same Day Repairs are subject to availability of parts, and the amount of time to make repairs. For your comfort and safety we provide a waiting area for you to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or you may wish to drop off your gun, and visit the local shops and restaurants, while we repair your gun. This is the benefit of an booked appointment system.

Many older shotguns do not have a ready supply of replacement parts, therefore we frequently make parts from over size forgings, or springs, often making from scratch, these bespoke parts clearly cost more due to the time required to make them. Due to the requirement to make or order parts, some repairs may not suit While You Wait or Same Day Repair Service.

Gun Storage when your License has lasped

Storage Charge: £1 per day per gun for gun storage. This is to ensure your guns are fully insured during that storage period.

Gun Repair Prices

Repairs at First Appointment:
If I can swiftly fix your gun issue in the first appointment, I will do so.
£50 minimum charge.
Gunsmith Inspection Report £50 Per Gun
Top Lever Spring Replacement From £80
Main Spring Replacement From £60 each
Ejector Spring Replacement (Coil Spring) From £60 each
Striker / Firing Pin Replacement From £60 each
Trigger Pull Adjustment (Both Sides) From £60
Ejector Leg Replacement From £150 each
Dent Raising and Bore Lapping From £60
Re-solder fore-end loop, re-laying ribs, blueing barrels From £350
Bead Sight Alterations From £20, plus bead
Traditional Hot Bluing From £200
Caustic Hot Bluing From £200
Cold Blue Rust Protection From £60
Air Rifle Seal and Spring Replacement From £120
Air Rifle: Gas Ram, PCP and CO2 repairs
No longer offer this service. I recommend Crackshot - 01626 242971
Crackshot - 01626 242971