Clients Gun Sales

Gun sold on behalf of my clients, on commission, following an unsuccessful Licence renewal. or when a client wishes to retire from shooting sports

CZ 452 .22LR Rimfire rifle
USED VGC. magazine, moderator & Nikko sterling Nighteater 10-50x60 scope
perfect budget rabbit and vermin control package
Mossberg 590 Pump action FAC shotgun 12 bore
Used very good condition. black with synthetic stock 6+1 magazine FAC required
Webley & Scott 912, 12 bore Over/under
Used. black action, clean grade 1 stock
Webley & Scott 12 Bore Side by Side
Used VGC. colour case hardened box-lock, grade 1 stock, with clean chequering
Hatsan escort magnum 12 Bore
USED black with synthetic stock
Marlin 12 Bore over/under
USED Black action, vented barrels, 2.75" chambers, nitro proofed
Biakal Over/Under 12bore
USED Classic Bomb proof Budget Russian over under
this is an ideal dirty / bad weather daily rough shooting gun.