Gun Servicing

Devon Gunsmith can clean, lubricate and grease your shotgun or rifle. Servicing includes checks to the firing pin, ejectors, barrel selection and hammers

Other services are offered to assist you.

Gun Servicing Prices

Deactivation Service
As well as slotting and plugging barrels, removing breech face, removing and welding strikers, (UK 2010 regs)

The European Union (2015/2403) added extra measures: includes welding the gun into one piece, destroying the action and welding all parts together. Proof house certification require a double submission now, which doubles the cost.
from £390
Gun Storage
£1 per day, per gun for gun storage. This is to ensure your guns are fully insured during that storage period.

You can elect for each gun to have a basic strip down service, instead of paying by the day, you gain the value of a service and fix your costs, as storage fees will not apply.
£1 per day, per gun or basic full strip down service £160, paid in advance.
Gun Transfers
A service transporting guns to and from UK Gun Shops, including online Gun Trade
Air rifle & licensed Firearm transfers: Documentation £45, Shipping £35 .
Full Refurbushment Service
strip and clean action, deep clean barrels, restore stock oil finish and detail checkering
From £375
Basic Strip-down Service
Strip-down of action, clean and lube, check barrels and stock. See my YouTube channel: Devongunsmith Diaries
From £160
Prepare and submit to the Proof House From £160
Thread-cut rifle barrel for moderator. Includes proofing From £190
Bore Rear Bushes for Reflex Sound Moderator From £20
Shorten and re-crown rifle barrel From £60
Barrel Refurbishment
(Set mod seat, threads and crown)
From £90
Trigger Alterations (Semi-Auto) From £100
Trigger Alterations (Bolt Action) From £45

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