Gun Servicing

Devon Gunsmith can clean, lubricate and grease your shotgun or rifle. Servicing includes checks to the firing pin, ejectors, barrel selection and hammers

Thread-cutting service 

Devon Gunsmith can thread-cut your rifle's barrel to fit conventional sound moderators, and fit rear bore bushes to fit reflex moderators.


The crown of your rifle should be precisely cut and free of burrs. Devon Gunsmith can re-crown rifle barrels to increase stability and accuracy.

Feel confident that your weapon is safe and functioning as it should

Gun Servicing Prices

Repairs at First Appointment:
If I can swiftly fix your gun issue in the first appointment, (because Know where to hit it with the hammer) I will do so at first appointment.
Minimum Charge £45, up to 1st hour.
Gun Transfers
A service transporting guns to and from UK Gun Shops, including online Gun Trade
Air rifle & licensed Firearm transfers: Documentation £45, Shipping £35 .
Stock Work
All work required for improving your gun stock.
Stock Finishing: from £60 Checkering: from £120
Short Service
Action, stock and barrels cleaned (not stripped down)
From £70
Full Service
Full Strip down of action, clean and lube, check barrels and stock. See my YouTube channel: Devongunsmith Diaries
From £145
Prepare and submit to the Proof House From £160
Thread-cut rifle barrel for moderator. Includes proofing From £190
Bore Rear Bushes for Reflex Sound Moderator From £20
Shorten and re-crown rifle barrel From £60
Barrel Refurbishment
(Set mod seat, threads and crown)
From £90
Trigger Alterations (Semi-Auto) From £100
Trigger Alterations (Bolt Action) From £45

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