Terms & Conditions

WE/US: Caliber and Bore Limted, Devon Gunsmiths
YOU: You the customer offering your gun for assessment to repair or service.

We reserve the right to refuse to repair any gun for any reason.

There is a minimum charge for handling any gun offered for repair, if it can reasonably be repaired while being assessed for repair, will be repaired, and the minimum charge shall be £30.

Any request for work by you constitutes an aggreement of our trading terms and conditions. Used guns and parts have no warranty offered or implied, and are repaired “as is” and no liability is accepted for failure of any existing parts that fail after the gun is returned to you.
Our liability to repairs made to used guns or gun parts is limited to the maximum value of the labour used to make the repair, any parts fitted become part of the gun.

Once repairs are completed, you will be contacted by us, usually by telephone, and a notified of work completion. Any storage from that time of completion is chargeable at a nominal rate of £1 per Day. Exception to this are Special Express Jobs, which will be deemed chargable for storage once the collection date is passed and the gun remains in storage.

Following collection of a repaired gun, you have seven days to ensure the repair has been completed to your satisfaction, by testing the gun in a live fire test.

Offering your gun for repair does not constitute an agreement that we have accepted an order to repair gun, as we reserve the right to assess the gun, should the gun be out of proof or otherwise dangerous to operate, or obsolete, or beyond economical repair, you will be advised.
We have no liability to you for losses due to our failure to return your gun in working condition within a given time. Once a repair is begun, often other faults are found which further lengthen the repair time, a guideline time for repair turnaround is 8 weeks.

A comprehensive maintenance service, involving stripping and cleaning all the action parts does not constitute a repair, nor will it recondition a worn old gun.

No liability is accepted if you submit your gun for a service, and there is a fault with the gun, expect the action to be stripped cleaned and lubricated. No adjustments or repairs to the gun will be made.

Do not ask for a service if you know there is a fault with the gun, ask for the fault to be repaired, and be as specific as you can be.
Temporary emergency repairs: there are techniques available to temporarily repair various faults on guns, in lieu of a permanent repair, temporary repairs may be offered.

Such repairs are not a suitable replacement to the permanent option, and no warranty is offered or implied for a temporary emergency repair, nor is any liability accepted for the eventual failure of a temporary emergency repair.

Example: cold chemical bluing costing from £45 is not reasonably a substitute for a hot chemical bluing costing from £200 +VAT. Sometimes repairs such as soldering or dent raising calls for some cold chemical bluing to protect the gun surface from rusting, this is to protect the gun, and not intended to be a cosmetically perfect job, it is purely a functional protective coating to prevent rust.

Cold chemical bluing can wear off due to a number of factors that we cannot be held liable for, and at best will last a three month season.

Following an inspection, if you require the gun returned in a dangerous or un-repaired condition, you accept full liability for the gun, and undertake to agree that the gun will not be used until repaired, furthermore you waive all liability of the us the gunsmiths for refusing your work order. We will do our best to help you and do all we can reasonably be expected to do to keep you shooting.