Shotgun Fitting

A correctly fitted gun is essential for successful game and clay shooting. It’s this simple: if your gun doesn’t fit, you won’t shoot straight

A successful gun-fit will take time and skill. Paul can advise exactly how a gun needs to be modified to suit the owner. The result is a gun that is comfortable and easy to shoot – and shoots exactly where the shooters eye is focused.

Gun-fitting at Devon Gunsmith starts at £90

Gun-fitting Prices

Gun-fitting with Cast Right to Left: Over / Under
The frequently sought after Right to Left Cast Adjustment to an Over / Under, with a Toe Cast movement to allow a right handed over-under to mount for a left handed shooter.
These take a 4 week turnaround (minimum), The hot oil method is most likely used, with heat lamps, and will require extra stock finishing, as this is the most extreme of adjustments.
The longer turnaround is to achieve a high quality stock finish, which cannot be rushed. Additional adjustments such as comb, length of pull etc, are add on prices.
From £190
Stock Work
Stock oil Finishing: usually includes stripping off old finish, removing grease and oil from stock, then stain and seal with oil finishing.
(often included within in gun-fit alterations)
from £100
Gun-Fitting Service with One Adjustment (excluding pads) £90
Butt-Pad Fitting
Basic pad fitting: using a micro cell pad such as Cervelatti or similar.
Superior pad fitting: using one of the variants of Kick-eez recoil pads, in my opinion the best available.
Basic From £70, Superior from £110
Cast Off / On (Stock Bending) From £50, (often combined with cast adjustments) For each Adjustment, add £50
Raise / Lower Comb
Side by Side: Stock bending in hot bending jig
Over under: Comb ground down with stock refinishing.
Side by Side: from £50, Over under: from £150
Pillar and Bed Rifle Gun-Stock From £75

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