Shotgun Fitting

A correctly fitted gun is essential for successful game and clay shooting. It’s this simple: if your gun doesn’t fit, you won’t shoot straight

A successful gun-fit will take time and skill. Paul can advise exactly how a gun needs to be modified to suit the owner. The result is a gun that is comfortable and easy to shoot – and shoots exactly where the shooters eye is focused.

Gun-fitting at Devon Gunsmith starts at £90

Gun-fitting Prices

Gun-Fitting Service with One Adjustment (excluding pads) £90
Butt-Pad Fitting From £50, plus pads, Often combined with a length of pull adjustment (Stock lengthen or shorten)
Cast Off / On (Stock Bending) From £50, (often combined with cast adjustments) For each Adjustment, add £50
Raise / Lower Comb Stock bending: from £50, (often combined with cast adjustments) Comb ground down & refinishing, From £150
Pillar and Bed Rifle Gun-Stock From £75

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